What We Do

Putting the ‘home’ back in hometown

KL, I Love You hopes to be the greatest love story for its citizens. As the city observes and experiences our daily ongoings, we hope to positively shed light on everything she holds–from happiness and heartache to commonalities and differences.

Through the art of storytelling, KL, I Love You will positively showcase the aspects that form our beloved city and the people within it. It’s a tale of our collective experiences, shown through one of the following lenses

  • The city’s urban spaces
  • Migration and movement
  • Differences and diversity
  • History and memories
  • Our fascination with the supernatural and superstitious
  • Stories of love and relationships
  • Youth and young people
  • Money, work and trade

Ultimately, this will culminate with the production of our very own KL, I Love You film, cementing our beloved city in the Cities of Love film family.

How we do it

The initiative is to bring our creative practices together to tell stories across different media and events. Working with brands, partners, and stakeholders, KL, I Love You encourages participation from any and all groups that are invested in making Kuala Lumpur a better place.

From traditional media to artists, architects and designers, KL, I Love You will draw the best of the local scene to tell their KL story.