Who We Are

This is a love story for, about and with the city we call ‘home’—Kuala Lumpur.

Kuala Lumpur I Love You is part of the global Cities of Love movement, which aims to celebrate love and pride for our capital city.


The back story

The Cities of Love franchise of collective motion pictures stemmed from the acclaimed films, Paris je’taime and New York, I Love You. The love for and in the city reflected on screen inspired and reminded its viewers of the beauty that was all around them. In true form of life imitating art, Cities of Love was created as a platform for the people to showcase their love for their hometowns.

From New York and Beijing to Paris and Delhi, in February 2018, Cities of Love welcomed Kuala Lumpur into the family with KL I Love You.


The team


  Dain Said, City Manager             Commas PR, Creative Agency